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The statistic presents the results of a survey conducted in December 2018 and January 2019 to find out about the situation of women and gender equality across 27 countries. When asked which were the main issues that women and girls were facing in Mexico, 40 percent of respondents answered sexual harassment. Women human rights defenders are searching for ways to use the law to successfully prosecute cases, which means strategizing around making innovative legal arguments. Bernardo’s brother Isidro was detained three years after Nadia’s murder after her children testified in municipal court. He was released in 2010 when the same group of judges disqualified the minors’ testimonies after ruling that the children were unable to distinguish the truth from fantasy.

The law called for government officials to take a gendered perspective toward victims and created the Gender Alert, a set of government emergency actions to confront and eradicate femicide violence in a specific territory. And Ecatepec’s government created a Women’s Justice Center in 2016 to provide women with access to free legal assistance. Yet despite the progressiveness of these initiatives, cases like the murder of a young woman in a local meat shop in 2017 suggest that they fall short in addressing the violence.

The murder of a woman or girl is considered gender based, and included in femicide statistics, when one of seven criteria is met. These criteria include evidence of sexual violence prior to the victim’s death; a sentimental, affective or trusting relationship with the perpetrator; and the victim’s body being displayed in public. To UN Women prevention is key, with emphasis on legal harmonization, women’s Access to justice, prevention of violence against women with the aim of exacting cultural and social change, production and management of knowledge. We launched the UNITE campaign to end violence against women and girls as “Let’s Paint Mexico in Orange”.

The Casas are considered an organized response in confronting the context of social and economic inequality in which indigenous women are immersed. The Casas model successfully facilitates access to effective and culturally appropriate health care within a context of organizational vulnerability and social inequity. Strengthening of the model, and regular monitoring and evaluation of the work are important contributions to achieving equitable access to quality care for rural indigenous populations.

  • Unfortunately, the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has too often overlooked the most basic steps necessary to ensure women’s safety—and in some cases has undermined them entirely.
  • “The truth is that I’ve talked with them, told them not to allow themselves to be treated that way, because before, before we put up with the hitting.
  • Bernardo’s brother Isidro was detained three years after Nadia’s murder after her children testified in municipal court.
  • In addition, tens of thousands of women have participated in nationwide strikes to protest the epidemic of violence against women in Mexico.
  • Berman agreed on a later media call that a partnership with Liga MX Femenil was part of the NWSL’s overall strategy in approaching the international landscape.
  • She joined the growing number of mothers who have formed nationwide associations that comb the countryside for clandestine graves that might hold their children’s remains.

The President passed a decree to fast-track approval processes for infrastructure and megaprojects, overriding environmental approvals and processes for consultation with Indigenous peoples. The Supreme Court placed an injunction on the decree following a constitutional challenge presented by the national transparency agency. Human rights defenders continued to face high levels of violence and the vast majority of attacks remained unpunished. The authorities registered 3,427 killings of women in the country during the year, of which 887 were under investigation as feminicides. In September, two former state and federal police commanders were arrested, accused of responsibility in the repression of a teachers’ protest in 2016 in Nochixtlán, state of Oaxaca, that left at least six people dead and more than 100 injured. In August, 23-year-old José Eduardo Ravelo died of multiple injuries inflicted by police officers in the state of Mérida.


In July 2020, 12 civilians were killed in a shootout with soldiers in Tamaulipas state. A video leaked to the press in August showed a soldier giving the order to kill a civilian.

The objective of this study was to evaluate the processes and performance of the “Casa de la Mujer Indígena”, a community based project for culturally and linguistically appropriate service delivery for indigenous women. The evaluation summarizes perspectives from diverse stakeholders involved in the implementation of the model, including users, local authorities, and institutional representatives. Meanwhile, https://toplatinwomen.com/best-cities-to-meet-single-women/mexico-women/ the COVID-19 pandemic has added another barrier to women’s healthcare access, curtailing family planning and sexual and reproductive health services, suspending treatments , and limiting the supply https://ozongyar1.6300.hu/2023/02/04/healthcare-consumption-and-cost-estimates-concerning-swedish-women-with-endometriosis/ of essential medications. Pandemic-related lockdowns have also led to increases in domestic violence andadolescent pregnancies and placed a greater caretaker burden on women .

Indigenous peoples’ rights

Initially charged with taking the squad to the 1998 CONCACAF Women’s Championship, which would award 1.5 qualification slots to the 1999 Women’s World Cup, he was successful in qualifying for the team’s first ever appearance at the official tournament. Finishing first in its group and winning against Guatemala in the semifinal, Mexico eventually fell 1–0 to Canada in the final.

Mexico fires women’s team manager Vergara

These are typically rural setting, many of them at least 3 kilometers away from paved roads. This represents a serious barrier in access to supplies, transportation routes, commercialization of local products, emergency health care services, and educational services, all of which hamper the capabilities of institutional programs to operate efficiently . At one point in Ecatepec, a city of two million people, 10 times more women have been murdered than in Ciudad Juárez, the city in northern Mexico once considered the deadliest city in the world, where femicides drew international attention in the early 2000s. In Ecatepec, women’s bodies have been found in streets, empty lots, parks, and on public transit and stories of gruesome murders of women often shake the entire country. Mexico is the United States’ second-largest regional export market and third-largest trading partner . According to the World Bank, Mexico is a middle-income country on a growth trajectory. However, the prevalence of unpaid work among women, horizontal and vertical segmentation of the labor market, and gender segregation are all barriers to full inclusion of women in the labor market and access to decent working conditions.

In contrast, minors account for 6.9 per cent of total female homicides and 3.6 per cent of male homicides. The proportion of female homicides identified as femicides has grown steadily in recent years. In 2021, more than a quarter of the 3,750 women killed in Mexico were classified as femicides. To address the great nuance underlying women’s access to healthcare in Mexico, we convened a panel of experts that addressed the current state of the problem, its differential impacts between rural and urban and indigenous communities, and the areas for improvement. WGH Mexico has been participating actively in the WGH activities, in the Latin American region https://www.nickvegadesign.com/korean-women/ and globally. In 2021 with the support of the civil society organization , the University of Miami and the WGH Chile, we coordinated a panel with the formers Ministers of Health of Latin America called “Mujeres líderes en la salud global, equidad y salud en America Latina” . Former female Ministers of Health from the Latin American region participated.

ABy the term “indigenous” reference is made to populations that descend from native peoples of a territory that was later settled. “…there are thousands of cases in which they have had an impact, although slight, for example, to speak of violence in a place where the violence is terrible (…). What they told us was that they wanted a better legal process, because ‘we went to complain and we wound up punished’, so it’s very complex…” . The participants were recruited through convenience sampling in each of the Casas. The facility coordinators and research team then developed a mutually agreed-upon schedule for data collection. The study covered five Casas implementation sites located in four Mexican states.

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